The Hair Weaving Center



Custom Sew-In

Custom sew-in hair is braided into a pattern to suit the desired style. The hair is then professionally sewn in, cut and styled.

Custom Wigs

Custom wigs are done by consultation only. During this process, a wig is professionally designed to fit and complement your head size and shape. You choose the color and length.

Net Weaving

With net weaving, hair is braided to create a foundation. A net is subsequently placed on top to protect the hair. Additional hair is sewn onto the net, where it is then professionally cut and styled.

Net weaves are excellent for clients who are experiencing balding or thinning hair.


During interlocking hair is corn rolled, then individual hair is pulled through the braids from bottom to top. This method creates a full and versatile look.

Interlocking keeps natural hair healthy and also makes the fake hair look more realistic and like part of the natural scalp.

Invisible Wefts

Our wefts styling is done by consultation only. The process involves bonding clear tracks directly to the scalp with a non-damaging adhesive. Hair is added that lies flat, creating a natural look.

Notch Stitching

Our notch stitching process first creates a foundation using hair and thread. No braiding is used in this process. Additional hair is sewn into the braid-free foundation and professionally cut and styled.


Integration styling is done by consultation only. The process involves the use of a custom-made, artificial human hairpiece designed by our stylists to integrate into your own hair. The process creates the desired length or fullness.

Non-Surgical Units

Our non-surgical units are used by clients who have thinning hair. Non-surgical units can also be used by people with hair who desire a change in style.

For clients with hair, a lace front is bonded in front of the hair line to avoid stress or damage to existing hair. In some cases, a sew-in can be incorporated, along with the non-surgical unit.

Lace Fronts

Lace-front styling is done by consultation only. The process involves the creation of a hairpiece designed to create the look of a full hairline. The lace front covers the head and adds length, volume and desired color.

The front lace wig only has lace in the front and does not enable you to wear the hair in high ponytails or up-dos.


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